Indusrty 4.0 real-time analytics - Bitswan

As an integral part of Industry 4.0, the digital offspring of Industrial Revolution, BitSwan serves a bridge between your traditional data and popular Machine Learning platforms by delivering a vast array of real-time data analytics.

Use cases

Production Line Monitoring in real-time

Production Line Monitoring in real-time - Bitswan
With BitSwan, it is possible to monitor and capture the current technical condition of all sections of production.

During this process, all elements from the production line are inspected and evaluated automatically via optical and optional thermo-camera systems, including vibration, sound, and temperature. When BitSwan pinpoints a fault, an error signal is sent to the superior Manufacturing Execution System (MAS), and this alert contains all necessary data for taking action.

Production Quality Control

Production Quality Control in real-time - Bitswan
BitSwan participates in systems that can recognise manufacturing defects, a complex task that requires multiple model types and machine learning techniques.

An essential part of this solution is the ability to collect and annotate data using elements of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

KPIs & Dashboard

KPIs & Dashboard in real-time - Bitswan
BitSwan displays Key Performance Indicators from all manufacturing components in real-time on the dashboard.

At the same time, BitSwan can integrate these real-time inputs with historical data and display comparisons, enabling continuous adjustments to maximise production.