The A.B.C.s of BitSwan

Gather, Learn, Act

BitSwan, created in 2018 by LibertyAces, is an open-source platform for the real-time processing of data streams. (

BitSWan is designed for the straightforward run of the three main data stages: collecting data, learning from it, and automating processes. As the ultimate goal is the automation of the processes, all stages take place in real-time directly in a data stream.

BitSwan works in three steps: Collecting data, Learning from it, and Automating processes. It does these three steps in real-time, and it does all these intricate tasks better than any other data streaming tool. 

BitSwan is the very first streaming platform in Python that addresses the vast Python community. It enables software engineers, data analysts, or data scientists to build their streaming processing pipelines without programming a comprehensive chassis to process data in real-time. They focus on business logic, the quality of their data model and overall benefit for the final customer.

Structure of the pipelines, stream processors, monitoring of performance, back-pressing, time window calculation and other essential functions required in stream processing platforms are included.

The feature all Python data scientists must love is the ability to deploy a machine learning model created in Python directly into the data stream. This tiny attribute radically shrinks the time of deployment of ML models into an operation.

All of that enables us to open to challenges such as self-learning machine learning models that can run in a data stream and provide businesses with real-time reactions to data.

There are many reasons why. BitSwan unifies data as it's being collected. In a world where every component speaks essentially in a different language, BitSwan “translates” them into one. This gives BitSwan users an edge while working with data.

BitSwan continuously looks beyond known patterns of data to detect anomalies and new emerging patterns and uses these patterns to automate processes. 

Although Collecting, Learning and Automating are the three big topics, BitSwan is much more.

Behind these three pillars is a lot of underlying magic: real-time event processing, in-memory, python, connect everything, open platform, and security. 

To do them full justice, we will talk about them individually in upcoming blogs.