Automation is the keyword in every industry, but when working with data, automation holds double the value. Triple if you use BitSwan.

Transforming data "once and for all"

Imagine performing every Big data task again and again, before each analysis, with hundreds of millions of data records. This approach is inefficient and time consuming, and yet it is still commonly used.

BitSwan can transform data in real time as they come in. All you have to do is set BitSwan to do so once. The data then flows into a data store from all data sources, in the right formats, with the right data types, enriched with all relevant information. This way, the data are ready for analysis right away.

Output of the analyses

When employing all of Bitswan’s capabilities, the data becomes much easier to work with, and we manage to leverage a lot of valuable information that leads to further optimization of the network's setup. 

When the network is properly set up, the overall cost of the operation is reduced. The proper setting also leads to improvements in user experience, and greatly mitigates the kinds of frustrations that can lead customers to seek services from competitors.

Figure 2. Demonstration of output from correctly transformed data